Impeach 1
Impeach 1

Jennifer Steinkamp

Impeach 1

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archival pigment print
49 x 15 inches
Edition of 25

Work is sold unframed. Please allow up to 2 weeks for order to ship out. Any duty and taxes incurred in the country of destination are the responsibility of the purchaser. 

About the work: персик is Russian for peach. Jennifer Steinkamp uses 3-D computer animation and new media to create video installations that activate architectural space and alter phenomenological perception. She designs and digitally simulates movement of organic and abstract forms—trees, flowers, DNA structures, and colorful waves. Her works are displayed as site-specific projections that amplify the architectural setting by blurring the boundary between real and illusionistic space. These animated environments, while beautiful and visually alluring, often carry subtle ominous references. Time plays a significant role in Steinkamp’s work, which often depicts cyclical occurrences such as changing seasons and life cycles. These cycles do not typically have a beginning, middle, or end, but are rather about the importance and necessity of change itself.