Wind Chimes 01/20
Wind Chimes 01/20
Wind Chimes 01/20
Wind Chimes 01/20

Angel Otero

Wind Chimes 01/20

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glazed porcelain
18.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches (approximately) 
46 x 19.1 x 19.1 cm (approximately) 
initialed and dated
Certificate of Authenticity included
Unique work from a series of 20
Collecting, preserving, and protecting are themes that emerge consistently in Angel Otero's work. His richly textured paintings and sculptures engage with art historical influences, while grappling with the artist’s own experience and sense of self. Otero collects and preserves his memories, particularly those from his childhood in Puerto Rico, by using them as a source of inspiration.
In this series of unique, hand-painted, porcelain wind chimes, Otero honors his grandmother who collected wind chimes throughout her life. These porcelain sculptures mirror the process in which Otero creates his innovative oil skin paintings. Beginning with a layer of paint on glass and constructing his unique gestures through a process of erasure, he then transfers the oil skin onto the canvas, revealing the imagery through a reductive practice that stems from his experience with printmaking.