Alex Prager


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Lisa (2008), 2019
archival pigment print
36 x 36 inches
Edition of 10
Certificate of Authenticity included

This work comes framed. 
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Alex Prager has garnered acclaim for her intricately staged, highly complex imagery that makes use of cinematic convention as a tool to challenge narrative tropes and offer deeper psychological associations to seemingly ordinary themes. Her images often allude to their own artifice by exaggerating the on-screen manipulations of the film industry, such as makeup or lighting effects, in an attempt to reveal the often-hidden reality of the human condition on film.  She deliberately casts and stages all of her works, merging past and contemporary sources to create a sense of uncanny ambiguity. Here, an underlying feeling of suspense pervades in the image as the viewer is left to speculate what happened before and after the captured moment.